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Out of Bed

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fall issue. october 2014. <3

Excited to be a part of this bunch!
Here’s a poem




My Tools

with a cup of heat

with two dark circles

with all of it at once

with every dog pacing before a shit

with a plate of steamed stars

with a knack for recognizing DNA

with a knack for understanding the stock market

with a knack for scoring goals


Some new poems are up at No Blanks today! Check it out. 

Do You Like It? Do You Like it? Do You Like It?

I wanted to start a lit/art journal on the internet, because the world needs yet another internet lit/art journal. Submit something, or don’t. We’ll see if anyone likes it. 


Vice has published an excerpt from Andrew Duncan Worthington’s new novel ‘Walls’ — which is out on Wednesday
read it here

Encryption by Austin Givens


A monster is pushing his fingers into my sister’s mouth

and getting into her pants and trying to take it all.

It’s using her saliva to paint demons across universal resource locators.

Digestive bacteria burns onto the code. It draws our mothers in.

It baptizes itself in fashionable light.

1947 Put up one of my poems!


I thought you were eating stars

I thought you were between jobs

I thought you were between hair

I thought you were sitting straight

I thought you had a jacket on 

I thought of you the other day when I saw an old guy in a real pickle

I thought about it, and decided it never mattered

I thought you kept records

I thought you came back to town

Your eyes are a spice-box without pepper and it’s probably missing some other things really, but you can make a good meal without pepper.

I thought you said you were done for


I want to radiate past the clock

I want to radiate past my sexuality

I want to radiate through thought vibrations

I want to radiate past the dead

I want to push further and push hard through it all

I want to push eggs across tables

I want to push, slow, but never stop

I want to stop for lunch

I want to stop for someone I don’t care about

I want to stop because I just feel like it

I want to hold bright stars in my palm

I want to hold onto what I’ve learned

I want to hold onto friends who care enough to be concerned

I want to be concerned about rivers

I want to be concerned about the government

I want to be concerned about anything else really

I want to radiate past all of this and get through it all and come out pushing hard into the throat of God and then really just start communicating with the dead even though the dead is just particles of unconscious dust migrating to arctic poles, creating black veins on blue ice 

This book is getting me through the past few weeks. A good friend wrote it. There are dreams of Native Americans. It made me want to look up my family on ancestry.com during a free trial. It doesn’t forget about the past or assume there is no future. But the present is represented with honesty. Few authors can handle that shit. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to writing a review. 


I am working on the cover of my first novel (or novella, if you will. It is short). This one might stick.

The novel tells the story of Calafou, a young girl who is diagnosed with breast cancer at a statistically impossible young age, and her younger half-brother Amir, as they navigate an abusive relationship with their alcoholic mother during their last summer together on Cape Cod. This is to be added to my project, F L E X, as the story detailing the events leading up the destruction of the universe. 

The illustration is by Ephraim Moses Lilien burned together with a Kanizsa Triangle. This is a picture of Moses’ sister, Miriam. 

I hope to have this one done soon. Cheers!


The future is going to hit us in the jaw

Some can see it coming

It will not be heaven

It will not be hell

It will not be the present

      and that’s all that really matters


Become saturated/own your work —- even if it means a weak resume…..

own your work —- even if no one notices it

saturate your work —————————- no one will own it

own your work/ Become saturated……………………….——————-

Hard copies are still available, and still free. E-book is free too! projectf-l-e-x.tumblr.com #freebook #poetry #weirdlit #bitcoin #doyoulikeit